Iron Maiden

This is a section dedicated towards my biggest hobby / passion, Iron Maiden. I follow them around on tour a fair bit and have amassed a fairly good collection over the years, as well as visiting places that are associated with them, The Ruskin Arms, Eddies Bar, Rock 'N' Roll Ribs etc. The first piece of my collection was purchased back in 1992 - From Here To Eternity 7" Vinyl, alright this is not their greatest song, but there was something about it which made me want to go find out somemore about them. My cousin duely obliged by lending me copies of two great albums - Number Of The Beast and Somewhere In Time, enough said.

My collecting didn't really take off until 1996 when Best Of The Beast came out, along with the single - Virus. This was in one of the local music shops, so I decided to buy the limted edition box set of the Album and managed to persuade the shop owner to give me the promo poster out of the window. From that point on the collection grew and grew, starting with the back catalogue of Albums on CD, then on Vinyl and finally on Cassette. Of course when I say Vinyl that is regular Black Vinyl 7" or 12", any Colour Vinyls that may have been produced as limited editions and Picture Discs. A couple of years later Merlin released Iron Maiden trading cards, so I colleted all of them aswell. And since then I have got my hands on to anything Past and Present that I could get my hands on.

As well as all official releases, I also try and get hold of bootleg material, but this revolves around getting hold of bootleg copies of shows I have been to myself, as opposed to rip off versions of merchandise (although some of it is good enough to warrant adding to the collection - such as the Phantom Of The Opera Bootleg box. Where possible I get the DVD as well as the Audio of the gig I have been to, but these are not bought, they are simply traded with other Bootleg collectors. As a note I will not sell any of my bootlegs, but I will trade them for something if I am interested in it, or the usual 2 discs for one trade off.

Of course being a Maiden fan and collector has its highs and lows. I have written down what I believe these to be for both Touring & Collecting. I hope this gives you a bit of an insight as to why and how I got hooked on Maiden.

Going on Tour
Highs Lows
- Seeing what new places you can go to

- The excitement of buying the tickets

- Counting down the days until "your" trip begins

- Doing a bit of sightseeing in the area

- Meeting up with old friends (especially when going to U.K. gigs these days

- Meeting new people & sharing experiences of past gigs

- Buying tour t-shirts especially event ones where available

- Getting FTTB so me & my wife can stand by the sound desk

- The lights going down and Doctor Doctor playing (still gives me goosebumps)

- The gig itself

- Seeing songs that I have never seen live before
- Anything to do with airports and flying as I do more than enough of this

- Sometimes the Merchandise is a let down

- Realising that due to your work you cannot get to certain gigs

- The gigs "nearest" you are midweek

- Credit Card Bills at the end of buying tickets & booking hotels

Collecting Maiden Stuff
Highs Lows
- New Album / Single = New Song(s) :o)

- The excitement of Pre-ordering The Album / Single

- Counting down the days until New Album / Single is released

- New Album = New Tour :o)

- Different Formats of the release
- Best Of... Albums - Same songs, different order, but need to be bought to keep Collection complete

- The expense of buying all formats from different countries

- The expense of all of the different formats