Eddies Bar (Now Closed)

Eddies Bar was a bar that was owned by Steve Harris (Bass Player for Iron Maiden) which opened its doors for the very first time on 14th September 1989 and run by Manu Da Silva (a former Roadie of Maiden) until 2005, when Manu Sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer. A year later, after many discussions former Maiden members Terry Rance & Dave Sullivan took over the management of the bar, along with Jeff Daniels (their one and only roadie back in 1975) and it reopened.

Sadly for Maiden fans, the bar has since closed, and this time closed for good, around the back end of August 2011 Eddies Bar seemingly shut it's doors for the last time.

About my visit
I visited Eddies Bar on 15th September 2007 when I was on Holiday in the Algarve. The people behind the bar were absolutely fantastic and so friendly it was unreal. They showed me book upon book of old photos of Maiden. Steve Harris had just arrived in the Algarve, but unfortunately did not pay a visit into the bar that evening. Also in the area at the time were Terry Rance and Dave Sullivan, so the barman told me, but they did not show up either. We stayed in the bar until gone midnight and had a great time. I have to be fair what I was given as a gift was amazing, a rare "The Angles & The Gamblers" secret gig t-shirt, from the Oval in Norwich (22-Apr-98). I would like to thank all the guys at Eddies Bar for making us feel so welcome, it is such a shame that the bar had to close down.

The address of the former bar is:

59 Rue de Loule
Santa Barbara de Nexe
Algarve, Portugal

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Outside Eddies

Outside Eddies

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