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One of my favourite pastimes (along with going to Rugby / Football) is to attend concerts. As you will have already guessed Iron Maiden is my favourite and most seen live band, but I do get out there and watch a lot of other bands. Primarily my interest lies with Rock & Metal bands, but of course now and then I do tend to go off this track to see other artists, mainly to try and even out the concerts that I drag my lovely wife Teresa to. Personally I do not think you can beat going to watch a band / act perform live, unfortunately I have been witness to a few miming acts, which was disappointing given who they were.

Here I have kept a track of all of the concerts I have attended over the years (or at least 99% of them. I did not start creating this list until around 2005 / 2006, so many gigs before that date will not have a score in them. I mark all performances out of 5, with 5 being the top mark and 0 being rubbish (of course this is in my own humble opinion.

So far my top 5 acts to see live (in terms of consistancy in performance / show) are:
1) Iron Maiden (obviously)
2) Rammstein
3) Slayer
4) Therapy?
5) Machine Head