Welcome to my humble stalkfolio. To clear a few things up:
1) I am not a literal stalker, all of these photos have been obtained on legal grounds
2) I was labelled a "stalker" due to the amount of Celebrities I had met at a certain point and the term stuck
3) I do not claim to be the best or the person who has met the most celebrities - I am not interested in contests like that

Now we come down to the usual question - how (and maybe why) did this all start?

To answer this honestly, I do not know, but I think somewhere in the back of my mind it all boils down to Easter Time in 1985, when I was 18 months old. We went to visit my Aunties & Uncles in the Stevenage area, and my Dad took me to Watford vs Southampton at viarage road. At that time, a certain Elton John was still chairman of the Hornets, and was going around the ground hading out Easter Eggs to young children / babies. For some reason unknown to any of us, they decided to take a picture of me getting my Easter Egg from Elton John. As you can see from the photo at this age I was more interested in the Chocolate Egg, than the famous person giving them out

Official Photograph
Newspaper Article

From that point on the rest is history. During my childhood I met a few "famous" people that people from the UK would know, such as Jim Bowen (host of Bullseye), Geoff Capes (Commonwealth Champion & 3 Time Olympian), but that was really about it until I got into my teenage years and started properly "stalking" rugby players, football player and band members outside grounds / music venues, and it just snowballed from there.