football (and other) stadiums


It has always been a target of mine (Tom) to get around the infamous 92 league grounds of the English (and Welsh) football league. This is a section dedicated to my efforts so far. The clubs listed on each page are the grounds that I have actually been to. One day I am hoping to get around the 92 in one go, over the course of a week or two.

I have also been to grounds outside of the 92, as you can never be sure who is going to get promoted or relegated. So one must have all bases covered. I have also been to football grounds in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as some across the rest of Europe and North and South America.

The section entitled "lost / old grounds" is dedicated to the grounds that since my visit(s) have been demolished or that are simply standing unused or they were a ground share at the time. A good example would be Wimbledon at Selhurst Park (still the home of Crystal Palace F.C.)

I have tried my best to write up my thoughts of the grounds and my impressions during my visits. Some of the visits were so long ago that I cannot remember too much about them - another reason I would like to achieve the 92 in one go, so I could write a better account of the grounds and the areas they are in. Unfortunately there are some grounds that cannot be revisited and some grounds that I never got the opportunity to visit, such as Feethams (The home of Darlington for so many years) and Boothferry Park (The former home of Hull City). It is a shame to see the homes of teams disappear as though nothing was ever there.

Finally there are also various other stadia and sporting arenas that I have visited, so they are noted as well. Tree has been fortunate enough to join me on some of my merry adventures trekking around the UK and into some rather dodgey areas whilst abroad, but we are still here to tell the tails.