Welcome to our website

Hello everyone!

Since we are away from the UK most of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to create a website to keep in touch with our family and friends around the globe, plus its something we can do together as Tree wants to learn more about how to do websites. We will be trying to keep this up to date with our latest travels and activities, whilst avoiding the boring and mundain stories of work.

We are currently living in a sleepy Village called Powhatan Point in Ohio, have done since April 2012, and have made a couple friends so far. Everyone in the Village has been very warm and welcoming, even inviting us to use their porch swings and River front plot swings to chill out, which is more than kind! Before moving here we spent 16 months in Humble, TX (near Houston), thanks to the hospitality of Larry & Cynthia and being able to stay in their home and to their amazing neighbours who made us so welcome and have become close friends, we enjoyed our time there very much. So unfortunately anywhere we go after that has a lot to live up to!

Right so now to tell you more about our current home!
Powhatan Point is named after a Native American tribe of the same name and is right on the Ohio River which separates Ohio and West Virginia. The river, although called the Ohio River actually spans several states, such as Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania and therefore the state borders encompass different parts of the River, which we have heard can occasionally cause some issues. One example that was given to us by a neighbour was, that once there was an accident involving some people in a boat on the River, and one of those people actually died, after they where pulled out of the River on to the Ohio bank, at Powhatan Point, a boat had to transfer the body to the West Virginia bank for the ME (Medical Examiner) to proclaim time of death, as it happened on a stretch of West Virginia's Ohio River!

Although we are living in Ohio and Tom works in West Virginia, the nearest International Airport to us is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are in an area know as the Tri-State Panhandle. The village is nice and quiet and a great place to be able to come back and chill after a day at work - of course the downside to this is that you have to travel a bit to the shops etc, but you either have one or the other, and we are happy with the peace and quiet.

As previously mentioned Tom works in West Virginia, about 10 miles north of a town called New Martinsville and Tree is doing a good job of homemaking and is currently looking for work and researching a possible degree she could study, as this is something she has always wanted to achieve. As usual Tom and his company are currently ripping apart some beautiful landscape and replacing it with a gas processing plant, but what can one do? A job is a job.

Our latest hobby, is photography. Tom started picking it up a little bit whilst in Peru, and we have met a couple of people along the way since, (thank you Christian Milburn & "H" from Pembrokeshire Photo Walks) who have helped re-ignite the passion and impart valuable knowledge to both of us. We have both got into it more since moving here, as there are so many opportunities for photos, locally. So we decided to embark on a 10 week course with the Open University in the UK, starting October 2012. This is a distance learning course, and is all web based. So whatever we cover in our assignments will be uploaded to the Open University website for assessment. We fully intend to upload everything we cover in our assignments in the Photography section of this website, whilst our latest and greatest travels and other activities we find interesting will be covered in our Blog.

We hope you enjoy our website

Tom & Tree